About Iana Cosanzeana


Iana Cosânzeana is many things in the Romanian folklore. She can be the queen of the Romanian faeries, the Iele; she can be a beautiful maiden, the daughter of a powerful king and the love interest of the main male character in our fairytales.

Her other, shorter name, Sânziana, can be translated to Saint Joanna. ‘Sîn’ an old form of ‘sfânt’ that means ‘saint’, and ‘Ziana’ a form of either Joanna, Diana or Zâna (fairy). She is celebrated on 24 of June along with the birth of Saint John the Baptist, so this wonderful embrace of the local lore by the Orthodox Church is, from my point of view, an enrichment, a crowning and completion of the former tradition.

She appears as a pure and fair maiden, gentle and wise, but also strong and brave. She cares for all life and breathes life into the world around her. She motivates the Hero of the tales, challenges and makes him overcome his fears and weaknesses.

I bear her name in reality as well, and even if I do not consider myself the queen of faeries and I know I have a long way to go until I reach such qualities, I love all that she represents and aspire, a little bit, to her archetype. 😀

I’m a Romanian artist, craftswoman and occasional writer. I am a lover of wood, metal and earth, of nature and wilderness, of history and folklore, mythology and fantasy, but also a passioned Orthodox Christian, and loving wife of the most wonderful man.

I like to share all things that I’m passionate about, all things that in any way give me joy, intrigue me, fascinate me or just simply make my life just a little sweeter. Hopefully they will have the same effect on you, dear reader.


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